Rikon Bengoshi Season 2 (2005)

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In the previous series, Takako Mamiya was an elite lawyer who handled public relations cases. She quit her job at a prestigious law firm to establish her own office. She confidently walked into her new office only to find that her former firm had interfered and taken all her lawyers and staff. They even took away her clients. Takako reluctantly started to handle low-paying divorce cases. Through her cases, though, Takako came face to face with “human drama” and matured greatly.

She is now the most sought after lawyer in town. Takako’s firm has become well-known, and she handles domestic as well as public relations cases.

One day, Takako takes on a troubling case about compensation and damages. The opposing lawyer is Eri Saeki, an ex-prosecutor who is now an ace divorce lawyer. Eri is persistent and courageous when it comes to law. What is the “truth” the two lawyers discover when their case is over?

Friendly faces working at the Takako Mamiya Law Firm are Daisuke Honda, a college student studying for the bar exam, Toshifumi Yanagida, the only other lawyer in the firm, and Kizaburo Inoue, a paralegal who hasn’t passed the bar exam yet, but has a rich knowledge of court precedents and shows excellent documentation skills. New faces at the firm include paralegal Tsuyako Komukai and receptionist Aki Ogata who has no interest in law. Adding spice to Takako’s private life are Tatsuya Mikami, editor of a popular women’s magazine, and Tamotsu Ohba, the owner of the firm’s favorite place to unwind after hours.

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