Rogue Emperor

Poor village boy Chu Gam Chun (Kenneth Ma), lives with his step-mother Yau Yue Si, the village match maker and half-brother Chu Cheung Fun, a wood cutter that is jinxed with finding love. Gam Chun has been in-love with his childhood friend and next door neighbor Yi Yung Yung (Niki Chow) since they were young, but her grandfather Yi Sang Kei, a well to do merchant that owns the village pawn shop forbids them from associating with each other. When Gam Chun finds out his step-mother has match made Yung Yung with an older rich villager he sabotages it and then asks Yung Yung’s grandfather for permission to marry her. Yung Yung’s grandfather is highly against Gam Chun’s proposal and demands a high dowry if he wants to marry Yung Yung. Determined to marry Yung Yung, Gam Chun takes on many odd jobs in order to earn the needed dowry money, his many odd jobs soon leads him on many adventures, from becoming the leader of mountain bandits to the Emperor of China.

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