Romantic Repertoire

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Interior designer Moses Chan and wealthy heir Evergreen Mak open a design company together. Looking to start a family with his girlfriend Oceane Zhu, Moses has already bought a home and is just waiting for her to finish her education abroad. However, his sister Angelina Lo rents out the property to Joyce Koi, a well-known opera performer, without his permission. Unable to cancel the rental agreement, Moses looks for ways to drive Joyce away, but her manager, Louise Lee, stands firm. The two sides are at war with each other until Evergreen suddenly decides to pursue Joyce. In order to help Evergreen win her heart, Moses must get to know her better. In the process, they become friends and even develop a subtle bond. Soon after, Joyce is involved in a car accident and reunites with her biological mother, Evergreen cancels the wedding, and Oceane is discovered to have returned to Hong Kong already but with another boyfriend… Plan usually cannot catch up to changes. Is life like a play or does a play reflect reality?

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