Fukami Noa (Ashida Mana) loves big cars because of the influence of her father, Shiro (Harada Ryuji). He is the third generation owner of Fukami Motors, a car repair shop. One day, her father suddenly commits suicide, leaving her shocked. Noa is told by Katsuragi Ippei (Iwaki Kouchi), a former Tokyo Metropolitan Police detective who is her father’s acquaintance, that he did so to assume responsibility for the disappearance of 300 million yen in corporate pensions that his father had left to him. Kuwata Renji (Okamoto Kenichi), the sharp company president of the investment advisory firm, Best Advisers, is the mastermind. Vowing the seek revenge on Kuwata, Noa hits difficult management books to build up her knowledge and works out a plan to recover the pension money. Then she takes the position of company president. She announces to the employees that she will get back the 300 million yen that was stolen and turnaround the business. Although Katsuragi detests kids, he decides to make use of his detective skills and intuition to give Noa a helping hand. Noa gathers together his elderly friends with special skills; former trading company employee, Kuramochi Eisaku (Maeda Gin), locksmith Kashima Tokichi (Kurosawa Toshio), electrical engineer Midorikawa Daimaru (Ono Takehiko), and former actress Miwa Nagisa (Ishida Ayumi) and challenges Kuwata … …

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