Ruk Leh Saneh Luang (รักเล่ห์เสน่ห์ลวง)

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Phuwit and Piwat are brothers with the same father but different mothers. Though they look like each other as twins, their personalities are very different. Phuwit has been raised up by Pao, his uncle in the farm, so his personality is kind of rough, hot-tempered and outspoken while Piwat has been raised up as a polite gentleman in Bangkok. Piwat’s parents engages Jarulin to marry Piwat because they want her family to help their bankrupting business. However, Piwat can’t marry with Jarulin because he gets in an accident and becomes blind, so he and his family ask Phuwit to marry with Jarulin instead and Piwat goes to stay at Phuwit’s farm.

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