Rule Number One

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While on duty during an assignment, young sergeant Lee Kwok Keung (Shawn Yue) shot and killed serial killer Chan Fuk Loi (Ben Yuen) after he had his four limbs crippled by Chan. Forty nine days later, Lee woke up in the hospital but his testimony was not recognized by the police because of his description which contains some supernatural things. His superior then transferred him to the Miscellaneous Affairs Department to let him rest. Unlike the heroic duty of fighting crime and protecting citizens, the Miscellaneous Affairs deals with unusual cases, which is intriguing and makes people feel lost. The head of the Miscellaneous Affairs, Inspector Wong Yiu Fai (Ekin Cheng), is an eccentric and beer-guzzling man. Wong and Lee work together for the Miscellaneous Affairs to solve an unusual request, to eliminate the fear of every citizen seeking help. While carrying out their duties, Wong pretentiously tells Lee the first commandment of the Miscellaneous Affairs: There are no ghost in this world! In fact, this first commandment just a lie. The primary task for the Miscellaneous Affairs of dealing unusual cases is to conceal supernatural incidents to the community to reduce social panic. Just when Wong and Lee take over the Saint Austina High School Massacre case, the ghost of Chan Fuk possess into the body of Lee’s wife May (Fiona Xie), while Lee was also possessed later. The possessed Lee shoots and kills Wong and other colleagues and then makes up his own story to deceive the police.

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