Miral(Sarah Khan) is a young arrogant woman belonging to the elite family class who is controlling and egoistic. Her father Seth Fareed is a wealthy businessman who supports her even in her negative thinking while her mother and grandmother try to make her understand values of life and that everything in this world is mortal. She always misbehaves with her grandmother because her grandmother believed that her beauty, intelligence and all qualities will fade one day. Her younger brother Hasan Fareed(Ameer Gillani)is somehow influenced by her and is studying engineering. Anaya Aziz(Mawra Hocane) is an ambitious, strong-headed, women’s rights activist studying at same university as of Hassan’s. She and Hassan clash when she defeats him in an engineering model competition. Hasan insults her in response. She taunts Hasan about him being dependent on his father for everything while he himself hasn’t achieved anything by himself. Hasan is deeply influenced by her words and starts to make money through online jobs and starts to take public transport.

He starts liking Anaya because of her differentiated and independent thinking. Miral seeing a change in Hasan and not being able to control him anymore finds out about Anaya and his dispute and her brother’s newly found love for her. She reaches university and openly insults Anaya to which Anaya calmly responds and Miral slaps her in anger. This news reaches Hasan and he confronts Miral. Their grandmother dies and Miral began to feel disturbed. Hasan helps Anaya in taking down a guy who was blackmailing her friend and in response got shot. He is recovered and proposes Anaya which she accepts. He sends his parents to her house where his father (who supports Miral that Hasan should not marry Anaya as she comes from middle-class background) humiliates her parents while his mother apologizes to them for misbehavior. Anaya for her parent’s respect then rejects Hasan’s proposal but then finally gives in after his persuasion. They get married while Miral does not attend the ceremony. She also tries to take revenge by marrying on the same day but her fiance Ali ran away on the wedding day. Their Walima is also cancelled due to Miral and Fareed Sahab threats. Anaya also joins company whereas Fareed Sahab makes Miral Ceo of the company degrade her. She remains calm and collected despite Miral degrading behavior while Hasan attempts to make his father understand about Miral’s doings. Miral senses become overshadowed by her grandmother’s words and she began to see psychiatrist Dr Haris(Usman Mukhtiar) who falls in love with her. When Miral slaps Anaya in front of employees, Anaya feels humiliated and leaves office and goes to her parent’s house. Hasan, when came to know about this, decides to leave the house while his father still supports Miral.

They get home on rent and Anaya and Hassan started finding jobs for making money. Anaya gets a job. But unfortunately, the supreme court said that no construction takes place in the country this news makes Anaya and Hassan upset about jobs. Dr Haris propose Miral. Then Miral talks to her parents who agreed about Miral decision.They both get married . Hasan gets a job through his friend Atif in Yasir Qureshi’s office where he is mistreated and humiliated on a daily basis whereas Anaya gets promoted in her office. Hasan’s friend Atif starts to create doubts in his mind about Anaya upon Miral’s request. Hasan starts to believe that Anaya has an affair with his boss, and confronts her on the day Anaya goes out to the doctor to realises she is expecting a child. She realises Hasan’s nature and does not reply to his accusation and does not even tell him about her pregnancy. Hasan goes back to his parent’s house. After some time, Anaya’s father dies which breaks her completely. The money her dad has saved also gets wasted by frauds. Anaya gets a leave from her office and bakes cakes for her living. She has a baby boy and names her Ibrahim Aziz, her father’s name. On the other hand, Miral finds out his husband is still continuing his job, which infuriates her and she leaves her home and threatens her husband that she will get a divorce. Ali returns and realises he can’t live without Miral so apologises and starts to create space in Miral’s heart for him.Miral decides to take divorce from Haris while Haris does not want to take divorce . Then Anaya resumes her office and on the first day of her office , she comes to know that her new boss is Yasir Qureshi . When Atif tells hassan that Anaya is working under Yasir Qureshi , Hassan decides to take divorce from Anaya.Yasir Qureshi orders Anaya to go on a trip to Islamabad and when she goes there ,Yasir comes to her room in the night and gives her promotion letter but in the morning she resigns from the job and throws the promotion letter on Yasir’s face . On the same day Miral goes through an accident and due to the accident her spinal cord gets injured and is paralyzed but Dr Haris takes care of her . She realizes her mistakes and confesses everything to Hassan that what she had done to Anaya in the past . Hassan feels ashamed and goes to Anaya’s home to seek forgiveness but Anaya doesn’t forgives him . Then Miraal goes to Anaya’s home to seek forgiveness and asks her to forgive Hassan too . Anaya forgives Hassan . Anaya’s mother adopts a boy named Muhammad Ali as she was alone . Haris takes care of Miraal but she is still guilty of what she has done to Haris in the past but Haris forgives her and then both siblings live a happily ever after

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