Sabpaak Jai Naai Jomying (2020)

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Sun is a famous handsome YouTuber who has the ability to hear other people’s thoughts and minds. He is not this pleased with this ability as he thinks it is stressful to hear people’s thoughts. So he usually wears headphones, and he doesn’t mess up with people. Due to this act, people started disliking him because they thought of him as arrogant. This affected his income because it caused his video views to drop. Later, he comes up with the plan to do content closer to the community. There, he meets the young writer named Anna, a rising star named Brownies, and their manager whose are his fans. At first, Anna and Sun don’t get on well but later on Anna realizes Sun has some interesting secret, so she tries to investigate Sun for her new writing. After many obstacles, Anna finds out everything about the Sun and helps him to learn the advantage of his powers. Soon, they started to have feelings for each other.

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