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The Series takes place in the village Rahim Yar Khan with the story of a young educated girl Sammi Jutt who is marrying Pervaiz Chaudhry. On the day of her Nikkah, her brother, Waqas, demands extra payment for their Mahr Payment, (a promised amount of money paid by the groom), from Pervaiz. This leads to a physical altercation between them in which Waqas kills Pervaiz in anger.[4] After the cancellation of wedding, Pervaiz’s father Fazal insists his younger brother, Rab Nawaz (a political leader and feudal lord of the Rahimabad area of district Rahim Yar Khan), get justice by ordering Waqas killed. However, Sammi’s parents beg Rab Nawaz for their son’s life and offered their daughter as a Vanni, (selling her off for the sake of their son). Rab Nawaz accepts to their offer and announces Sammi as a Vanni to the entire village. To save Sammi’s future, Fazal denies accepting her as Vanni, which leads to chaos. Villagers turn against Rab Nawaz, who decides to wed Sammi off to his twelve-year-old son in order to gain a higher reputation with the village

Since the village has never sought police or law for justice, everyone assists Rab Nawaz. A nerveless Fazal remains silent while Sammi is kept as a captive in Chaudhry’s Haveli.

The series also depicts Rashid Chand’s family. Rashid is Rab Nawaz’s respected servant since his mother Zarina remained his Milk kinship. Zarina and Rashid consider themselves Rab Nawaz’s slaves over generations.

Salima, Rashid’s wife, receives cinstant criticism from her mother-in-law because of failed attempts to have a son, resulting in five daughters. This parodies the illiteracy village series and gender discrimination, where woman are blamed for giving birth to daughters.

The series takes a turn when, Zulekha Chaudhry, Rab Nawaz’s wife, fears her son’s future and asks Rashid to escape with Sammi from the village. Rashid helps Sammi escape from Rahim Yar Khan and sends her to Karachi to live with Chandni, who was once Rashid’s fiancé. In order for Sammi to stay, Chandni tells her to work in her beauty salon. Overtime Sammi gains respect in Chandni’s Saloon and Salar (Chandni’s Son) begins to develop feelings for her. On the other hand, Salima loses her unborn child and befriends Naheed, her nurse, who is also the victim of gender discrimination. Her brother and sister-in-law took over all the property after their parent’s death and forced her to work, taking her salary. During Salima’s monthly checkups, Zarina decides to take Rashid’s proposal to Naheed’s brother.

The story includes Aaliyan, Naheed’s nephew, who happens to be Salar’s best friend. Naheed has a relationship with Ghulam Rasool, who received criticism from the entire society since he was an illegal child of the parents had committed suicide after his birth. When he brings Naheed’s marriage proposal, he is insulted and sent back. Looking to this Naheed decides to secretly marry him. Story takes another turn when Aaliyan is approached to tuition Rab Nawaz’s son and Naheed finally marries Ghulam Rasool secretly, she decides return home and reveal the truth after few weeks, after reaching home she finds out that her marriage has been fixed with Rashid Chand. On the other hand, Salar decides to marry Sammi for her protection to which Sammi rejects his offer for marriage, the entire conversation is heard by Chandni who throws Sammi out from her house the next day. Sammi decides to return to Rahim Yar Khan but is stopped by Salar who then gives her shelter in a separate house and begins his Nikkah ceremony to which denies. Where as on the other side, Rab Nawaz finds out about Sammi’s escape through Waqas and punished Rashid, where as Zarina is forced to remain silent by Zulekha since she is the only one who knows about her involvement. Salar lies to his mother that he has married Sammi to which she furiously contacts Waqas and reveals him about Sammi’s whereabouts. Waqas comes to the house she is in and takes Sammi. Salar tries to find her but dies in a car accident. Waqas tries to burn Sammi in front of the village But Rab Nawaz brings Sammi back to his haveli. He declares that he will marry Sammi. Chandni learns of Salar’s death and comes to Rahim Yar Khan. Sammi also finds out that Salar is dead from Aaliyan (whom Chandni told). In the last episode, the higher and respected personality of the village “Peer sahib” (and most sensible one) decides to hand over Waqas to police and free Sammi from the bond of “Vanni”. Chandni marries Sammi to Aaliyan and as Rashid takes her to a station Chandni dies. The drama ends with Sammi smiling at Aaliyan.

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