Sarp Poo Sah

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The sound of Princess See Ghed loudly echo’s with the sound of silk embroider in the embroider frame going up and down very quickly to compete with the light of the sun that is about to rise and at that time her life will have to say goodbye but her vengeful anger will be buried in the fabric that is beautiful along with her curse that has been sent to the children and grand children of the person who has caused her pain. In the past occurred a mysterious event in the royal palace.. once up to three brides all die in their wedding day with the prince. It is believed that the reason is from the, “Golden Fabric.” that each bride wore on the day of their wedding to the prince .. The prince then has an order to go and keep the problem cloth in a wooden case carefully so that no one else will sacrifice their life to it … Modern Day…Mai Pim a young orphan who loves ancient fabric as her life recieves a grace from Preechaya the owner of a gold shop to work in the shop right away after Mai

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