Say Yes! (2013)


In Shanghai, Star Taiwanese cellist Ye Shun is set up by her best friend, bridal dress-shop owner Tao Zi, on a blind date with a rich businessman, Zhao. By mistake, however, she meets blue-collar handyman Huang Da, who is separately on a blind date to meet a woman called Tan. After they resolve their misunderstanding, each meets their planned dates – but in the same restaurant, where it turns out that Huang Da already knows Zhao, who still owes him over RMB100,000 (US$16,000) for construction work on his villa. When Zhao’s suspicious wife suddenly turns up, Ye Shun pretends that Huang Da is her date. While driving him home, she learns that Huang Da was on his 99th blind date: he’s almost given up trying to find a partner. When Ye Shun urges him to keep trying and to believe in himself, Huang Da falls for her on the spot.
Next day, along with his three workmates, Huang Da visits Shanghai Art Centre to collect his money from Zhao – who is there for talks about sponsoring the centre’s orchestra – but Zhao tries to soft-soap him again. When Huang Da bumps into Ye Shun and Tao Zi, both help him to reclaim the debt from Zhao. To thank the two women, Huang Da and his workmates take them out for dinner, but Ye Shun leaves when Huang Da argues that love = money. Tao Zi explains to him that Ye Shun was left at the altar three years by her photographer fiance Xu Zhuo and still feels the hurt. But she urges Huang Da to show self-confidence in pursuing her, whatever Ye Shun may say.

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