Scent of Summer (2003)

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On top of one of the Pescadores Islands, where there’s a deep blue ocean, salty winds, and also glittering sunshine, 21 years old Xia Ri and his friends are currently confronted with a successive of new tests. The Ba Li Mi Wei Lan business that Grandpa manages is faced with a financial crisis. At any time, they might lose everything that they have. Living with Grandpa andtaking care of each other is Xia Ri and Xia En. On one hand, they are helping out with running the lodge’s business and on the other hand, they are awaiting for the return of their mother who has left the island.

All the changes would take place with the appearance of Pin Hui and Jia Jun. Coming to the island with a secret mission in his hands, Jia Jun unexpectedly sinks into complications with love at this important moment. Coming on a business trip, Pin Hui got into a short love relationship with Xia Ri. Nobody was able to guess that this quadruple relationship of chasing love would unexpectedly involve the resentment and the animosity of the Xia and the Wu family. This battle of defending the island that was built because of love would test each and every person. How should they solve this succession of triangular problems? All these things that are independent and yet it is also entangled together, is just something that is hard for a person to predict. And at this important time, a mysterious person appears. He secretly bought the lodge and once again gave rise to a burst of great waves…

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