This movie should not be seen as a straightforward ghost movie, nor as a basic series of set-ups, struggles and resolutions.It is a gripping movie, masterfully shot, bleak in its vision yet assembled with an inspiring meticulousness. Junco is a psychic who feels trapped by her extra-sensory powers in more than one way. For one, she cannot hold a regular job, despite her best efforts. She is also aware that her gift will never be completely understood or taken seriously by the public at large, not even by those who seek her help.

When a freak coincidence lands a missing girl in her husband Katsuhiko’s hardware case – after the police, as a last resort, has asked for her advice about the case – she sees it as a possible opportunity to make a name for herself as a serious and respected psychic, while clearing her husband and her of any responsibility in the girl’s disappearance. She sees a way out the couple’s humdrum, boring life, and her husband wants to believe it too. Needless to say, not much goes according to plan.

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