Searchin’ For My Polestar


Here are seven friends belonging to the same astronomic observation club at the university. That said, having been so busy with going to the beach and skiing, they’ve actually only looked at the stars once at a college summer camp during their senior year. That summer, while cherishing their dreams for the future in their final summer vacation as students, they pledged undying friendship to each other.And now, three years later, having gotten involved in the working world, they find themselves at the mercy of the rough waves of real life. Living a busy life they suddenly realize that they’ve become distant from each other and they can’t really see heart to heart anymore. It’s now three years since they looked at the same stars and had a good laugh with each other. Will they continue to grow away from each other? Or will they bring back those bonds of friendship again and be able to find that unchanging “polestar” for them all? This drama depicts how these people continue to search for their polestar in life to confirm where they are. Sometimes it’s passionate, sometimes it’s fun, and sometimes it’s hard.

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