Secret of the Heart


With Gallen Lo, Felix Wong, Sunny Chan, Nick Cheung, Amy Kwok, Kathy Chow, Ada Choi, Jessica Hsuan, Paul Chun, Suet Nei, and Melissa Ng onboard, the star-studded cast assembled for the TVB grand production Secret of the Heart is one that can hardly be surpassed. Producer Jonathan Chik (Cold Blood Warm Heart, At the Threshold of an Era) is known for his sophisticatedly crafted family infighting sagas, and the 62-episode drama has rightfully been considered one of the best of its kind thanks to its gripping narrative and attractive actors. Secret of the Heart swept the 1998 TVB Anniversary Awards with Gallen Lo and Ada Choi crowned My Favorite Actor and Actress, respectively, and Nick Cheung winning Best Improvement Award. It also dominated the viewership ratings during its initial run; in fact, even the recent late-night re-run on TVB still posted impressive ratings.
Kam Leung Wan (Nick Cheung) grew up as the only son to airline magnate Kam Shu Pui (Paul Chun). But when it is revealed that his best friend Ching Ka Hung (Sunny Chan) is actually his half-brother and Pui’s real son, Wan would stop at nothing to keep hold of what he has got, even if that means getting rid of Hung and anyone that stands in his way… Meanwhile, Hung’s eldest sister Ka Ming (Amy Kwok) loses her life savings to her gambler boyfriend Cheuk Sheung Man (Gallen Lo). She later marries Pui’s younger brother Shu Sang (Felix Wong), but her sister Ka Wai (Kathy Chow) falls in love with Sang secretly and even gets pregnant with his baby…

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