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On a full moon night, a young Najan (Taya Rogers) fell under a spell and left the care of Kamphaeng (Yuwadee Ruengchai) to go in search of a tiger cave where she was almost killed by a weretiger. Luckily, the hunter Kamsoon (Somchai Khemklad) and Jarat (Oliver Pupart), Najan’s father, were able to save her in time. The tiger went wild with rage before succumbing to death. Najan was infected with the tiger’s blood through its claw, but Jarat, her father, was killed by the tiger that night. Najan grew up to be a beautiful AE who worked in an advertising agency in Bangkok, but the incident in her childhood continued to haunt her in her nightmares. Every day on the anniversary of her father’s death, Najan and Aunt Nuan (Ampha Poosith), her only living relative left, would travel to Chiang Mai to make merit for her father, but this year, Kamsoon, who hadn’t been quite sane ever since that incident, revealed that anyone who exchanged blood with a weretiger on a full moon night and survived

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