Seven of the Sky

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Seven of the Sky is an inspiring story that teaches about life and love, what it means to sacrifice for someone that is
important to you, to fight for what you believe in, to never give up and push forward, the powers of love and how it can
transcend heaven and earth.

Seven of the Sky tells a well known legend of the 7th Fairy, Xiaoqi and Dong Yong (Digua),
who met in the mortal world and develops a special bond and love.

Together, they learn about love, what it means to never lose hope, understanding their love roots, which cannot be
destroyed, as Xiaoqi says – “Let us be nourished together, let us grow together, let us withstand this treacherous
weather, experience wind and rain, and emerge to become even stronger than before.”

However, it is against the rules of the Celestial Court for morals and immortals to be together. The price to pay for
breaking the rules is unimaginable. The story explains everything about love, whether it is for a family, husband and
wife, or friend, it shows how love grows, that nothing can destroy it, this series tells just how far a person is willing
to go to fight in what they believe in, how strong determination can be, how this world can rid bloodshed and war as
long as love exists. Watch this series if you truly want to be touched by the most powerful story.

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