Shanghai Affairs

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Tong Shan (Donnie Yen) is a doctor who returns from Britain to Shanghai after graduating from medical school. Tong opens a clinic in a poor village in Shanghai to help sick people who cannot afford medical care. However, the Axe Gang, led by Yue Lo Chat, arrives and plans to tear apart the village and build a casino there. Tong and his assistant Bond (Ruco Chan) protect the village and drive the gang away, angering Yue. One day, Tong meets Yue’s younger sister, Yue Siu Sin (Athena Chu), who is mute due to an illness. Tong cures Sin and their relationship grows closer, which angers Yue even more since he is against western medicine. Later, some kids are kidnapped and found dead without internal organs. Tong investigates and discovers that his master Lui Mung and Yue are the masterminds behind this. Lui and Yue frames Tong and Yue starts a persecution on Tong.

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