Shin Naniwa Kinyuudou


15 years have passed since Haibara Tatsuyuki (Nakai Masahiro) started working for the finance company, Teikoku Financing. The company president, Kaneko Takatoshi, passed away five years earlier and now Takayama Kazuo (Watabiki Katsuhiko) is in charge of Teikoku Financing. Haibara goes around with his senior, Kuwata Sumio (Kobayashi Kaoru), to collect debts every day. The law regarding debt collection has changed and the regulations for moneylenders have been strengthened. Many finance companies have gone bankrupt or ceased business. During this period, Teikoku Finance practically buys unsettled debts. One day, Kuwata and Haibara visit Magonote Construction’s president, Magonote Kenzo (Saito Yosuke), one of the debts bought over, in order to collect his debt. Not only the promissory note but also land mortgage which has been pledged as collateral are Teikoku Financing’s. Magonote and his daughter, Yoko (Renbutsu Misako), insist that the land cannot be handed over when pressed by the two to immediately pay back the debt by selling the land. That land is a place with memories of Magonote’s late wife and Yoko’s mother. Despite a promise to settle the debt one week later, father and daughter have no means to do so. Dotsubo Financing’s advertisement catches the attention of Yoko, and she knocks on its door. Led by company president Dotsubo Kyoichi (Yusuke Santamaria), Dotsubo Financing inspires Yoko with something backhand in order to settle the debt. Dotsubo Financing’s ploy checks Teikoku Financing’s in its course, but in the end, Yoko is pushed further to the edge. Unable to forsake Yoko who has no way out, Haibara does not even listen to the voices of those around him who tell him to stop, and works on repaying her debt.

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