Shirato Osamu no Jikenbo


Shirato Osamu is a 24-year-old unemployed university graduate. Because he is a good-natured person who cannot say no when he is asked anything, he for some reason ends up getting called in for various cases that occur in the neighbourhood of Asagaya. One day, when Shirato goes to his usual cafe to look for his favourite waitress, Akagawa Rio, he is accosted by his childhood friend Kurozaki Hitoshi who is two years his junior. It is the first time in six years that he is meeting Kurozaki again. Kurozaki refers to him without using the proper form of address as always. Then, he quickly makes a shocking confession. “I’m being pursued by the police on suspicion of murder” … … It appears that Kurozaki is a suspect in the robbery and murder of the proprietor of Asagaya’s secondhand bookstore . He beseeches Shirato to find the true criminal. But Shirato replies that he cannot do anything on his own. Kurozaki introduces a strong partner to him. That partner is a former police officer called Yamanoi. But Yamanoi does not look one bit like a law enforcement officer. Shirato and Yamanoi start to search for the whereabouts of the pickpocket Kuwata who is thought to be the criminal. In the midst of this, Yamanoi supposes that Kurozaki can hide from the police for at most three days because of the evidence at the crime scene and information from witnesses. As time runs out, Shirato and Yamanoi manage to track Kuwata down to a place in front of them. But … Shirato is suddenly hit from behind by someone. Will he be able to arrest Kuwata and prove Kurozaki’s innocence? 

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