Director Kôji Shiraishi wants to film an episode for a Japanese television program, featuring members of the “Idol”-genre singing and dancing ensemble, Momoiro Clover Z (referred to in the film by their previous name, simply Momoiro Clover). The program is one wherein minor celebrity guests are employed to investigate haunted houses and similarly mysterious locales, in an attempt to determine the truth about such places, and their associated paranormal phenomena. The members of Momoiro Clover are asked to visit an abandoned school, where a shrine to the minor deity (or demon?) known as “Shirome” is located. This shrine takes the form of a painting that is thought to be of a butterfly, but which may actually represent the being’s face.According to local legends, if Shirome is asked to grant a wish, he will do so, but only if the person asking is completely sincere in both their request, and their belief in the existence and power of the Shirome entity. If any wish is asked of this being in a frivolous manner, or in a spirit of unbelief, Shirome will destroy that person, either through causing them to have a fatal accident, inducing them to commit suicide, or driving them hopelessly insane.

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