Show Time: Little Fairy (2021)

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The seven daughters of the Jade Emperor are preparing gifts for the flat peach conference. Seven sister Zi’er is observing the world in the Yaochi. She has a playful heart. The rules of the sky and the underground are quite different. Zi’er gave it to him for eating the buns from the bun shop. Without paying, he was detained and imprisoned, and a young man named Dong Yong stepped forward to rescue him in times of crisis, allowing Zi’er to return to the heavenly court smoothly. Zier witnessed Dong Yong being buried as his father, selling himself to Fu Yuan’s family as a slave, and decided to send sponsorship in order to thank him for his salvation that day. The two worshiped their brothers. Zi’er missed the Flat Peach Conference because he accompanied Dong Yong to dig people. The Jade Emperor was furious and sent Li Tianwang to escort Zi’er back to the heaven.

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