Silent Voice

People tell lies with words through their cerebral neocortex. However, the moment before a person does so, the mental reflexes of the limbic system will be apparent. There is a female detective who can see through the lies of suspects by reading their “micro-gestures” which only appear for 0.2 seconds. Her name is Tateoka Ema. No lies are lost on her. She is an interrogation specialist who uses behavioral psychology to force suspects to eventually confess their lies. She boasts a 100% success rate, and claims there is not a single person whose lies she has not been able to detect, and is called “Enma-sama” (King of Hades) by her colleagues because of her ability. She also proclaims herself a “forever 28” who seeks the perfect marriage partner. But even though detecting lies are her specialty, it’s not always as easy as it would seem to get to the whole truth of a matter.

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