Single Dad In Love


Kang Pungho, a 28-year-old insect exterminator, though growing up in an orphanage without any family, has a natural born optimism. Abandoned by his first love Soi, he ends up as a single daddy with a seven-year-old son Kang San. Thanks to his bright temper, Pungho manages to make a living and grows his son just as any other well-off families do. Regarding his son as a happy gift from the heaven, Pungho would die for Kang San. Hari, the only daughter of well-known surgeon, lost her mother at the age of 6 but has grown up a bright girl, supported by deep paternal love. After his father remarried Soi, Pungho’s first love, she comes across Pungho, instantly falls in love with him.

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