Sleepless Fashion


Beijing, the present day. Three years after being hired as a shy university graduate by Alex (Alan Tam), editor-in-chief of leading fashion magazine Celebrity (名尚), Zhou Xiaohui (Vic Chou) has become associate editor, taken on the English name Patrick, and turned into an arrogant, pretentious young control freak. However, after a minor gaffe that threatens the company’s future IPO, he’s sacked by Alex. Proclaiming he’ll set up a rival publication, Xiaohui is joined by only two of his staff, office dogsbodies Fatty (Tong Lei) and Yinghong (Vivian Hsu), an editorial assistant he’d recently promoted. He persuades college friend Wu Yang (Kimi Qiao), the son of a wealthy businessman, to come in as an investor and the four set up a modest backstreet office, hiring wedding photographer Wang (Wang Taili) and middle-aged traditional artist Zheng (Shu Yaoxuan), and calling their magazine Modern (摩登). The first issue flops, and Xiaohui is urged to try to be different rather than remain obsessed with taking on Alex and Celebrity. Inspired by Yinghong’s appearance, Xiaohui has the idea of going for a more natural fashion look and pitches Qi Xi (Yu Nan), a legendary singer making a comeback concert, to be their next cover model. Qi Xi, who dislikes Celebrity, agrees. But at the last moment, she allows her manager to change her mind, with disastrous consequences for Xiaohui and his team.

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