Snow Woman


A woman with the constitution of orgasmic death: She dies in orgasm but always comes back to life!

A group of people carries a casket in the mountains covered with deep snow. Inside is a beautiful woman who was found dead that same morning. The people believe that she’s the snow woman because it was their second time to find her dead. They carried her body to the mountain once before, but she reappeared in their village. Placing the casket on top of the mountain, they quickly run away so certain that she is a ghost. As soon as they leave, the woman opens the lid of the casket and stands up. Nihei, who runs a mountain inn far away from the village, meets a woman roaming in the snowy mountains. As she’s too tired to walk anymore, he carries her to his inn and takes care of her. “That’s okay, since you’ve been kind to me”, she says and takes his hand to her crotch. Unable to resist her beauty, Nihei has passionate sex with her. But when they make the peak, she dies in an orgasm. Mortified, Nihei tries to warm her icy body.

After a moment, she regains her breath. When Nihei asks her what had happened, she says that her name is Oyuki and she has the constitution of orgasmic death explaining, “when I have an orgasm, I asphyxiate”, to his immediate disbelief. In the mean time, an armed group of men is about to go into the mountains to confront the snow woman who disappeared again.

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