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It seems that with Martin Scorcese remaking the HK blockbuster Infernal Affairs, we definitely know where the new Hollywood is. Asian directors continue to produce great movies that put the garbage coming out of the states to shame. Some is one such movie. Having gone into it expecting a typical cop drama I was pleasantly surprised.

It’s hard to describe the plot in this movie without spoilers, since the plot kind of unfolds with every twist and turn. We first meet Kang Seong-ju, a young detective on the trail of a gang of loosely organized members who have gotten in way over their heads. It’s not long before he encounters Seo Yu-jin, a charming news reporter who seems to hold the key to the mystery at hand. As Kang attempts to unravel the the clues and track down a mysterious name, Yu-jin is haunted by deja vu. She is sure that the two have met before, and begins to experience visions.

The story was pretty well written. Not too over the top, and the twists were not so confusing as many directors try to do. The thing that really made this movie work was that it took care not to lean too much into one genre that it became stereotypical. IMDb lists it as an Action / Crime / Mystery movie and certainly it contains just the right portions of all those. They even threw in just a touch of Sci -Fi to make it that much more interesting. All together, this is a movie cocktail guaranteed to please.

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