Sorekara And Then

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“This is a probing tale set in turn of the century Japan, involving
three people trapped in a complex relationship of love and friendship. Daisuke (Yusaku Matsuda) is supposed to be out looking for a respectable job and equally respectable wife. He is 30 years old and devotes his attention to music and literature; his family is wealthy and can support his interests. When his friend Hiraoka (Kaoru Kobayashi) returns with his wife Michiyo (Miwako Fujitani), problems
arise. Hiraoka, not the best-tempered person in the world, has just
lost his job. His wife Michiyo was once in love with Daisuke and when
the two see each other again, their old feelings surface. Michiyo is
not really happy in her marriage to Hiraoka, but Hiraoka, who condemns Daisuke’s unwillingness to work, was once his best friend.
Should Daisuke choose to keep Hiraoka’s friendship and the respect of
his society by ignoring Michiyo — or rebel and go after her?” –

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