Sorry I Love You

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With only six months to live and nothing to live for in Vancouver, Walker decided to go back to China, where he was born and adopted from when he was very little, and go look for his biological parents and twin sister (Chu). Walker knew that it wasn’t going to be easy to find them, but everything changed when he ran into the girl (Encai) who he’d saved from a few street thugs several months back. In Walker’s imagation his biological parents must have abondoned them due to poverty or life difficulties when they were babies, yet when he stood in front of his mother’s giant luxious mansion, he could not help but start to hate his mother Hui of her heartless. In order to revenge his mother and find ways to get closer, he accepted the offer to be Trey’s (Hui’s adopted son) personal driver. At the same time he tried to find his twin sister with the help from Encai, yet they started to fall in love with each other very quickly. With only six months to live, there are a lot of decisions Walker has to make to make his loved ones’ life complete.

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