Special Forces Return 2: Black Poppy


Long Wei, Lu Da Shan, and Ma Yue suddenly received an emergency call from Yatta. She told Long Wei that she had learned the contents of the Black Poppy Project! Long Wei and others converged with Yatta, and she brought a girl named “Luna” to meet Long Wei.

From the girl’s mouth, Long Wei learned that she was a doctoral student in biology who had just escaped from a private medical experiment center in the northern part of Fujikuni. In the laboratory, a person named Dr. Haiya was from Black Poppy. The developer, the black element he developed, added to drugs, will increase the desire for drugs hundreds of times, and then become crazy. The black element is a gene toxin developed based on the mutation of base 538 on the ABCC11 gene in the middle of chromosome 16. This gene mutation is also the source of body odor. Among Chinese people, 95% of these gene mutations, North China and other Central Plains accounted for 99%. In other words, this toxin is a genetic weapon specifically aimed at the Chinese! A few days ago, two mysterious people (viper and elk) came to the medical experiment center. They told the doctor that the black fox would start the black poppy program in advance, and asked the doctor to produce 2000 ml of black elements within a few days and offered to use it. Buying the formula map of the black element at a high price, Dr. Haya agreed to sell the black element but refused to sell the formula map. They left in angrily and agreed to deliver the goods within a few days.

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