Special Mission (2007)


During the ten-year civil war, Gong Weiping, an underground member of the CCP’s Beiping, was ordered to develop the party organization in the independent camp of the remnant of the Anti-Japanese Allied Army in Chahar. Due to the betrayal of the traitors, the 25 development targets identified by Gong Weiping were arrested and suspended. Gong Weiping “surrendered” alone tried to save the lives of 25 officers and soldiers, but he missed the Zhongtong trick. Yu Xueyao had a crush on Gong Weiping and pleaded with her brother, Yu Qinzhai, the deputy director of the Central Committee, to release Gong Weiping. Yu Qinzhai agreed to his sister’s request to subdue Gong Weiping and designed a series of traps.
At this time, Gong Weiping accepted a secret instruction from his superiors code-named Comrade Zhuguang and ordered him to break into the Kuomintang Central Unification spy organization. In order to fulfill this special mission, Gong Weiping had to break up with his beloved girlfriend and married Yu Xueyao. However, Comrade Zhuguang died in an accident soon, Gong Weiping lost contact with the party organization, and the task of being ordered into the Central Unification became a secret no one knew. Facing this reality, Gong Weiping resolutely chose an extremely difficult, tortuous and painful life path, and changed his name to Gong Xiangguang in order to understand his will.
He used his wedding night to wittyly eradicate the traitors of the underground party, and he was with Japan.

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