ST Keishicho Kagaku Tokusou Han

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Five outstanding researchers from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s crime lab are gathered and given powers for special investigations in response to diversified modern crimes. They are called the Scientific Task Force or ST for short. The new, elite Inspector Yurine Tomohisa (Okada Masaki) becomes the ST’s commanding officer. Meanwhile, a shooting rampage breaks out. Five people are shot and one of them, a female company employee, dies. The media reports this as Japan’s first case of indiscriminate shooting. The ST is mobilised and Yurine heads to the crime scene. The members of ST have already arrived: Aoyama Sho (Shida Mirai), a profiler who skipped grades and graduated from an American school with a PhD in criminal psychology; Kurosaki Yuji (Kubota Masataka), a chemical expert with such an excellent sense of smell that he is able to discern the scent of poisonous substances; Yamabuki Saizo (Miyake Hiroki), a chemical expert who is also a monk; Yuki Midori (Ashina Sei), a physicist who also has an exceptional sense of hearing. All of them possess great abilities but are socially inept. The most eccentric of them is their leader and forensic expert, Akagi Samon (Fujiwara Tatsuya). Akagi, who has a fear of other people, confines himself in his own room and analyses cases based on the information from Aoyama and the rest.

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