Stand for Love – Gulong ng Palad

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Love does not easily cross class lines. As children, Carding, the son of an affluent family with political ambitions, is forbidden from playing with Luisa, the daughter of a laundrywoman, because of their obvious social differences. Carding’s mother, Menang, believes Mimi, the daughter of a wealthy friend, is a much better match for her son. But as the kids grow up, Carding and Luisa fall in love leaving Mimi as the third wheel who pines for Carding. But Carding and Luisa’s love life is no bed of roses. Luisa suffers greatly at the hands of Menang, who wants to break up the couple but not have it jeopardize her ambition to become mayor of the town. Can Luisa and Carding’s love overcome the efforts for their love to be derailed by all those around them?

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