Stopping on the Road Once in a While (2022)


A consolatory travel documentary comes to you, which will strike a chord with you while rendering you relaxed and leisurely. Two women get together to stop for a moment amid their busy daily lives and find relaxation and consolation. The 20-year-old best friends, Lee Sun Hee, one of the nation’s favorite singers, and Lee Geum Hee, the godmother of the anchors’ world, who is recently rising as a new star in variety shows, go on a trip together into nature. Their first travel destination is Mount Daedun, called Mount Geumgang of Honam. The two friends, who have been on the same path for 40 years, console each other while they search for beautiful songs and scenery on a trip. Set off with us to enjoy songs and serene beauty in nature that leaves you no choice but to stop on the road once in a while.

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