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A dangerous border ambush, the squad leader Guo Youzai and a small pig dogs sent even beyond the Great Wall of dogs for adoption. Small dogs “rifle” dogs offspring “millet” and “surging” in arduous environments overcome various difficulties to complete the outstanding tasks, but because there are wolf dogs pedigree can not get qualifications, was taken to the zoo almost Fortunately, some dogs base timely issue the transfer order, to save the three dogs. After receiving formal training bases in dogs, “rifle” and the dog has finally become good dogs, in all kinds of dangerous tasks outstanding feats, and ultimately on behalf of Chinese dogs dogs to participate in the World Championships, through the trials crowned “king of dogs.” In one mission, “rifle” to save his comrades fall into the cliff, a year later, with a new trainer who bred puppy who in the “rifle” at the reconnects oath – always guard the motherland’s territory.

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