Sweet Life (2021)

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Tian Mi was originally a pampered young woman with a rich and happy life. However, her husband, Liu De’en, suddenly committed suicide by jumping off the building due to a business failure, and left Tian Mi with a huge debt of up to 10 million yuan, which made Tian Mi’s life fall from heaven into the abyss overnight. With the help of Liu Deen’s old knowledge and the help of Chang Sheng as a private bank account manager, Tian Mi plucked up the courage of life and embarked on a long road to debt repayment. After several years of hard work, Tian Mi not only learned to be self-reliant, but also grew into an excellent financial planner, and finally paid off huge debts. Tian Mi and Chang Sheng also founded a wealth management company together and started their entrepreneurial journey. Years of mutual support and encouragement have also allowed the seeds of love to sprout in the hearts of the two people. In the end, the two kind and passionate hearts are closely connected together.

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