Sweet Rain

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Chiba is a Grim Reaper, a supernatural being who closely watches someone who is about to die in a sudden and unexpected way. No illnesses, no suicides: a Reaper’s job is to decide if the upcoming appointment with death should be marked in the agenda as “proceed” or “suspend”. “Suspend” means that the person will survive for now, and is only granted when a reaper gets the impression that his subject still has to reach the most important part of his/her life. But how do you put a value on what is important in someone’s life, especially if you are as clueless about human behavior as Chiba is?

The film shows Chiba doing three of these assignments, each at least twenty years apart from the others. However, because Chiba’s decision in the first assignment has noticeable impact on the future ones, he actually starts to learn a new thing or two about life…

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