Taizu Mishi


The series is based on the life of Nurhaci, the founder of the Qing dynasty. Nurhaci started his life of a warrior-king by uniting the Jurchen (later Manchu) tribes under his rule. In addition to suppressing the threat of internal conflict, Nurhaci attacks the Ming Empire’s territories in northern China. Nurhaci helped to build a strong foundation for his son and successor, Huangtaiji, who eventually conquers the Ming Empire and establishes the Qing Empire.

He also is entangled between five women in his life, and this is highlighted in the series. The five women are Menggu, Naqiya, Dongge, Abahai, and Tunggiya Qingya. Dongge is a renowned beauty from the plains and loves both Nurhaci and his brother Surhaci. Tunggiya Qingya is Nurhaci’s primary consort and the mother of Cuyen and Daisan. Menggu is the mother of Hong Taiji and a beautiful woman with a mysterious past. Abahai was his favorite during his later years and the mother of Dodo, Dorgon, and Ajige. Naqiya was the former wife of Li Rubai, but Nurhaci later wed Naqiya to Surhaci.

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