Takeshi’s Castle (2023)


A big revival beyond the time of 34 years! Numerous popular games such as Skipping Stones and Bridge Ball are revived in scaled up form.

In addition, newly developed terrifying games also appear one after another. This time, Bananaman, who has been entrusted with the defense by the castle lord Beat Takeshi, and the strong castle lord who protects the three branch castles, block the progress of the attacking army. Subaru Kimura is appointed as the new attack captain.

Selected from over 1,300 general applicants, the elite gather to take over the revived “Takeshi’s Castle”. Can you break through the unreasonable obstacles set by Takeshi’s army and conquer the impregnable castle!? ? Muddy! Bishabisha! Sweaty! A barrage of hilarious scenes! The greatest decisive battle in history has finally begun!

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