Tao Se Qing Chun


Lin Yi Mei closed eyes toward deep water . The water slowly drowned her waist, her shoulders, her head , her body went to the sink deep underwater .
Beautiful brunette spread, she suddenly opened her eyes , mouth hint of a smile . This is her last one left in this world smile. Who knows , such a beautiful girl , why is such an outcome ? The story begins one night was two years ago .
Lin Yi Mei , a graduate of the Art Institute , is a model of a small entertainment company . But this beautiful name only her pseudonym . And her background and career , but also all false .
Luxury hotel corridor, wearing a sober Lin Yi Mei , uneasy towards the hotel room . This is her as a so-called ” peripheral Girl” for the first time in the fall transaction. She was a little nervous, but the thought of the situation now , she approached the teeth that room . Room, slightly fat middle-aged guests waiting for her.
The first sell the body , very rude guests . That stupid middle-aged man reminded her of her stepfather . Screen appears mind , violent stepfather . She remembered that time , my mother crashed through the animal behavior stepfather , rushed to tussle with his stepfather . I did not expect annoyed stepfather , my mother was seriously wounded stepfather , was admitted to the hospital.
By the body of the first money earned , she bought a tonic to see his mother. Mom looked covered with gauze wrapped look of despair , she vowed , be sure to make a lot of money , with the mother left the beast stepfather , the mother no longer hurt . Mother and daughter cried . Stepfather to meet his mother was discharged , she insisted mother in hospital. Stepfather said the money would not feed useless white mother and daughter . She said she was clenching money, stepfather asked her where’s the money. She stared, lie said he borrowed money from a friend . Surrender his mother in hospital bills stepfather , 3000 dollars, is just her first income . Her teeth pulled out all the money will all come ……

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