Tard Rak (2011)

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Princess Aeyawadee (Cherry) of Chiang Noi left to Siam in search for her brother to return to save the country from their uncle. Princess left with her skillful bodyguard, Aongdin (Por) and her personal humored maid, Tid. On this adventure, Princess was captured and sold to a brothel and became the most desirable girl there, known for her “fragrant body”. This is also where she met her previously engaged fiancée, Prince Darb (Smart). Ward (Janie) is a slave girl who is very smart and ambitious. She secretly learned all the medicinal formula from her cruel master. After learning what Ward was doing, her master sold her to a brothel, where she met Princess and Aongdin. Her medicinal skill has become a key exit to their dilemma. Please follow the story and see how Princess and Ward pursue their goals and whether Prince Darb and Aongdin be able to be with the women they love.

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