Tario Fukushu Daiko no Futari

Mami Shirasawa became a lawyer at the young age of 20, as she chose to take the preliminary judicial examinations. Now with a large law firm, she has yet to be assigned a case, despite her competence.

When a colleague drops a case, Mami is eager to take it on. Her first client is Yuriko Watanuki, a woman who was sexually assaulted by the son of the owner of a large construction company. Predictably, the accused has denied wrongdoing and had tried to cover his tracks by using his money and influence and by twisting the victim’s words around to suit his purposes.

Mami comes to learn that her client has likely been defrauded by an on-line revenge agency, whom she paid up front, but has yet to see any results. In order to take legal action , Mami instructs Yuriko to determine who at the agency is responsible for the theft.The guilty party is one Kensuko Kuroiwa, a petty con artist.
In an unlikely turn of events, lawyer and con artist team up to exact revenge upon Yuriko’s assailant.

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