Tears on Fire (2021)

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“Tears on Fire” will tell the story of a group of firefighters from the Tong’an Branch Fire Department in Dayuan City who have seen human nature and society in all the exciting fire and rescue missions they have been on. Through the cases they have performed, they have exposed many unrecognized sad stories about the firefighting profession. Typically, the Tong’an team is a community of life. They are born and die together. When they take off their uniforms, each of them faces a different life problem.
Qiu Hancheng is caught in a dilemma between his wife, his daughter, and his work. Although he loves to fight fire, he cannot take care of his five-year-old daughter. With his wife about to give birth, he may not be able to accompany her during childbirth.
The only woman on the team, Xu Ziling, wants to prove that she is not inferior to the men, but she has not been able to get the support of her family.
Zhang Zhiyuan is usually the most passionate and desperate on duty, but in the middle of the night, he always has similar, repetitive nightmares. What kind of background is he burdened with?
Lin Yiyang is a team member full of righteousness, sparing no effort to defend his comrades, and often quarrels with other people about their official duties, which gives the boss a headache.

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