The Amateur Imperial Bodyguard (2010)

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The story revolves around Li Wei’s grandson Li Chuan Wei. While investigating a case, Li Chuan Wei accidentally meets a vagrant who looks just like him.
Li Chuan Wei is a martial arts expert in the imperial palace. He gets injured during an investigation and ends up switching identities with Zhao San. Li Chuan Wei takes the opportunity to infiltrate the anti-Qing Dynasty movement and gets entrusted with an important task after gaining their trust.
On the other hand, Zhao San enters the palace as Emperor Qianlong’s personal bodyguard. Despite having no background in martial arts, he learns how to deal with important figures like Qianlong, Jia Qing, and He Kun. While they come from different backgrounds and often resort to different methods, Li Chuan Wei and Zhao San ultimately come together with one goal to thwart the rebellion against the throne. Along the way, they rekindle a sense of brotherhood that was once lost.

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