The Beauty Skin (2020)

In the wilderness, lies an isolated inn. A number of dry male corpses were found there, and it was found out to belong to the citizens of Jin Ning City. Rumor said that it was the doing of a female demon. Demon catcher Gu Shijie sets out to find the true culprit.

Within the town of Jin Ning City, there were two equally beautiful daughters within Officer Shi’s family. Lian Cheng and her cousin, Bin Niang, had a close relationship, until they fell in love with the same man, Qiao Sheng. Trouble continues to brew when playboy Wang Huacheng fell in love with Lian Cheng and tries to marry her. Meanwhile, Bin Niang goes all out and seduce Qiao Sheng. While Qiao Sheng remains indifferent to such fiery temptation, Gu Shijie who appears cold-hearted begins to fall for it.

As new grudges and former vengeance continue to surface in Jin Ning City, Lian Cheng and Qiao Sheng must work together to overcome a greater conspiracy waiting for them.

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