The Bizarre Bunch

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The story centers on an extended family and the dramas caused by love. Cousins Ki-woong and Suk-hyun seek the affections of Hae-in. Ki-woong is Hae-in’s college senior and close friend. Suk-hyun and Hae-in have known each other since childhood. The love triangle and rivalry deepen. Ki-woong’s parents keep a sound and happy household despite certain setbacks. Ki-woong is arrogant but a softy deep down. Ki-woongg’s uncle is an idealist who still clings to the notion of romance. Ki-woong’s shrewd aunt values money above all else. Their son Suk-hyun well educated and having lived abroad for most of his life has difficulty relating with his parents. He considers Hae-in and Jongnam in search of a bride. Hae-in and Suk-hyun’s parents are close friends. Hae-in is a bright career woman and works for the same company as Suk-hyun. Everyone believes she is quite a catch but she is independent in search for love. The unfortunate Jong-nam lives with Ki-woong’s paternal aunt. Jong-nam had been in love with her son until he died in a tragic accident which bonded the two women. Jong-nam and Suk-hyun bump into each other one day and find they are mysteriously drawn to each other.

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