The Black Fox


Han-sen Gu was a powerful and well-connected man in Shanghai.In the early period of the Republic of China, he adopted two sons named Si-cheng Liao and Tian-yi Fang respectively. The adopted sons grew up together with hisdaughter Ting Gu and their relationships were as good as real siblings.Tian-yi Fang was an honest, kind, helpful and always cherished the sibling relationship more than anything else.Although he had one-sided love toward Ting Gu but he had to bury his unrequited love deep in his heart after knowing that Ting Gu liked Si-cheng Liao instead of him. Together with Si-cheng Liao, they both risked their lives to fight against the Japan’s invasion and obtainedthe victory in the War of Liberation with their heroic contributions.Han-sen Gu knowing that his daughter had a crush on Si-cheng Liao, decided to arrange the marriage for his daughter.However, Si-cheng Liao declined the marriage proposal, citing the war took priority over his marriage.He joined the BIS* (Bureau of Investigation and Statistics), and Ting Gu and Tian-yi Fang followed his footsteps joining the BIS too. A few years later, Si-cheng Liao received an order to lead a team to intercept the Qing (dynasty) treasures.Ting Gu and Tian-yi Fang were also part of the team. What they didn’t know was it was a conspiracy which they were already involved in without realizing it. –

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