The Black Swindler


There are three kinds of fraudster.

One, called the ‘WHITE SWINDLER’ finds a mark, and steals money. The ‘RED SWINDLER’ preys on the other sex, and steals a mark’s body and soul.

Then there is the ‘BLACK SWINDLER’. Ignoring ordinary marks, targeting only the white and red herons, and preying on their flesh grown fat and corrupt with the money they have stolen, he is the worst of them all.

The victim of a fraud artist, a father and his family commit suicide…the only one left alive is his son, Takashi Kurosaki, who vows revenge on all the scam artists that infest this world. The path he has chosen is that of the ‘black swindler’.

Kurosaki buys information on ‘white herons’ from ‘the fixer’. Ironically, this underworld ‘fixer’ is none other than Katsuragi, the man who drove Kurosaki’s family to destruction. Under the burden of this whim of fate, Kurosaki improvises one unique method after another as he stalks his prey.
His current target is Ishigaki, a corporate fraud artist whose modus operandi involves making a present of a very expensive version of the corporate seal to a company president. This seal, being the equivalent of a signature, is then officially registered, and only then does Ishigaki send out a flood of fake contracts bearing the new seal. His latest victim is a woman executive whose daughter is in need of a heart transplant.

Before Kurosaki strikes at Ishigaki, a mysterious woman named Sakura appears. Her father, it turns out, was also ruined by Katsuragi. In contrast to Kurosaki, though, she has chosen to rebuild her life by forgiving and forgetting, so much so that she is actually in love with Katsuragi.
Regarding the love-hate relationship between them, Kurosaki is also forced to admit that his feelings towards Katsuragi are complicated. Katsuragi is the person he hates most, but also the closest person to him. Eventually he begins to wonder whether, in fact, Katsuragi is simply using him.

As the action rises to its highest pitch, Katsuragi imposes a charge far higher than anything Kurosaki has ever paid. Will he be able to recover the money Ishigaki has stolen? Will he be able to save the company president’s daughter? And how should he face the destiny that links him to Katsuragi

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