The Blood Sword 2

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The Blood Sword 2 is a Hong Kong television series adapted from the wuxia manhua series Chinese Hero: Tales of the Blood Sword by Ma Wing-shing. The series was produced by ATV and first aired in September 1991. The series is a prequel to The Blood Sword (1990).
Ying Hung misses his China hometown and brings his family back. In the midst of returning, he is being ambushed by Sa Dan’s men. His wife and daughter are dead. He gets so mad that he leaves his son, Kiem Hung with his servants to return to America to seek his revenge. He is successful with the help of Lo Hon, Kuai Pu and Kiem Shing. He kills Sa Dan and retreats into Chung Wah Place.
15 years later, Kiem Hung comes to America to look for Ying Hung. Because of his reckless nature, Ying Hung is forced to offend 5 colours Sect’s leader, Yin Yeung Messenger. Yuen Mou comes too and befriends Hon and Ying Hung. The three join forces to break Liet Yeung trap to save a mysterious woman, Mok Chi.
The Black Dragon Clan wants the Chinese society to break up so they get the Japanese samurai, Mou Dik to kill the innocent Chinese. It also forces many to become mine labourers. Ying Hung is forced to break the stone lion to retrieve his blood sword to make a comeback. Ying Hung challenges Mok Dik to a duel but also combines forces with Mou and Hon to attack the iron bull valley. Unfortunately, Hon dies in the process but his heroic act moves all Chinese.
They decide to set up the Chinese Society. They vow to pit against Black Dragon Clan and choose Mou to be their chairman. The Japanese sect, Lo Sau Clan is awaiting for a chance to reap the benefits when the two clans clash. They choose a representative – Chin Mien to cause chaos in the Chinese Society. Kiem Hung is repeatedly harassed by Devil Sect’s messenger to fulfill the wish of their dead leader to take over his position. This harassing only stops when their white snake messenger dies mysteriously.
Ying Hung has a chance to spar with Black Dragon Sect’s Ming Sat. He learns that he is under the lone star and is destined to be alone. True enough, it does affect the later part of his life. There are disputes within Lo Sau Clan and Ying Hung is dragged into it. He spars with Tai Bo at the Dragon Chamber. He later rushes to save Kuai Pu and others from Black Dragon Clan.
Mou Dik helps him to defeat the Commander from Black Dragon Clan. He also helps to set up a treaty so that both clans will not probe into each other’s issues. The date of the duel gets closer so Ying Hung goes into retreat. He works too hard till his hair grows white overnight. The worst thing happens – he overexerts his inner strength till he faints on the day of the duel.
Mou Dik mistakens that he misses the duel without a valid reason. Thus he starts killing every Chinese he sees in Chinatown. Ying Hung returns on time and both have a duel on the statue of liberty. Ying Hung turns totally ruthless in his attacks while Mok Dik still saves him on the nick of time to lose to him. All can’t believe their eyes when Mou Dik kills his own son and later duels with Ying Hung again. Ying Hung loses this time and falls into the sea.
Mou Dik feels lonely without a match and thus kills himself. Actually, Ying Hung isn’t dead. He only fakes his own death, recalling what Ming Sat has told him. He is afraid of implicating his friends and relatives after so many unpleasant deaths. Thus he decides to create another form of life for himself by leaving them.

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