The Brothers 2015

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Tawan and Burapa are brothers, and the sons of a well known cop. They are very close. Burapa is into boxing, while Tawan wants to follow in their father’s footsteps to become a cop. They had just come out of the shower and were joking around, when they heard a gun shot and went to see what was going on. They witnessed a murder and when it came time to point the finger at the killer, Tawan was not hesitant to do the right thing. Burapa knew that the bad guys would not leave their family alone if Tawan locked one of them up, therefore he begged Tawan not to be a witness. Tawan’s cop instinct knew that he had to lock the man up, thus the conflict began. Their father’s birthday was coming up and Tawan had planned to tell his family that he did indeed want to become a cop as well. During their party, just as their father was about to blow out the candles, he spotted one of the gunmen outside of their gate and yelled for his family to take cover, leading the gunmen to advance. They came ins

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